a little get-away


I’m heading off to a little historic country town this morning with a friend to see another friend..affectionately known as the Baker’s Wife.  It feels so indulgent going away by myself for the night but I am beyond excited at having the opportunity to spend time with two wonderful kindred spirits.  I don’t know what plans we have but I do know that I will be relishing the fresh country air and soaking in the goodness of her 5 acre property.  Hopefully there will be a little sour dough making - goodness knows I need a lesson or two after killing my starter, a little egg collecting, some lamb patting and maybe, just maybe if it’s her day to milk the cow a little milking action.  There will definitely be lots of talking – we have months to catch up on and tea drinking.  Oh I can’t wait!!

See you soon lovely people.
Tammi x



these days

These last four days have been glorious.  Gloriously slow and leisurely.  With Anzac Day falling on Thursday and Anthony not being required at work Friday due to maintenance, we made the most of having a long weekend together.  We picnicked in the drizzle, walked along the beach, cooked together, lingered in bed over breakfast in the morning, chilled with the kids...oh, and got inked again.

weekend 002
Point Peron 231

I did a bit of reading, worked a little on a vintage sheet quilt for Tegan and met my deadline of finishing my Sage Remedy top…all done in the company of my family.  For hours we sat around chatting and laughing, we reminisced about our childhoods and those of our older children’s, we excitedly talked about a trip to Brisbane in June for a wedding, started planning a trip to Tasmania later in the year..parents only, a belated honeymoon of sorts and discussed a job offer that will open many doors.

weekend 004
picnic 108

Today it’s back to the reality of work for the older males in our family but the younger three and I still have a weeks holiday up our sleeves so these glorious slow days will continue a little longer.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week ahead is just as grand.

Tammi x


sewing with company

Yesterday I threw caution to the wind and set aside the sewing of custom frocks in favour of spending the day sewing with a friend.  We’d been trying to organise such a day for weeks and when the stars finally aligned for us we grabbed the opportunity excitedly.  With our machines set up and a tea pot at the ready we got down to the business of sewing for our little ones. 

sewing 009
sewing 014

Kaizer was in dire need of some long winter pants so after a quick shop of my fabric stash I chose a lovely soft flannelette and the remains of a retro cotton sheet.  With the snip of my scissors and the whir of my machine, I whipped up two rather unique pair of vintage floral pants in no time.  I wasn’t too sure that I would get away with these fabrics but on trying them on Kaizer beamed at me and proceeded to tell me how ‘cool’ they were.  Win/win! and who am I to argue with the logic of a three year old?

sewing 013
sewing 018

Four pair of pants between us made for a most productive sewing session and reminded me yet again how wonderful a leisurely day of chatter, tea and sewing can be. 
floral pants

Doing some personal sewing was a much needed distraction but it’s back to the grind stone for me today.  Three customs to finish then I’m kicking up my heels and holidaying with the kids.

Been creating anything yourself lately? 

Tammi x


in my kitchen {pancakes}

stuff 032  

For as far back as I can remember, breakfast has been a daily routine of mine and is the one meal that I never skip. As a child our first meal of the day was pretty run of the mill...we had either cereal {weetibx} or toast and I was your typical weetbix kid. I loved the stuff and would eat it like it was going out of fashion, at any time of the day or night...by the bowl full with hot or cold milk, as a base slathered with butter and jam/marmite or my all time favourite 'weetbix toastie' which was crushing a bix over a hot slice of buttered and jammed toast, adding a few slivers of butter to the top and grilling till golden. My nine year old self thought that was heaven on a plate my older self thinks it totally cringe worthy!  

The weekends were a little more indulgent, especially when we stayed with our Grandparents. Their typical weekend brunch was either bacon, chips and eggs, kidneys on toast or the ultimate in luxury was when Pop brought home some fresh honeycomb dripping with it’s sweet nectar which we'd smear on hot scones.  Breakfast with our grandparents were always a grand affair.  Oh those were the days.

As a grown up I still enjoy a sit down breakfast but one that includes a lot more variety. It doesn't have to be a fancy affair, a simple smoothie, eggs any which way or a bowl of granola or yoghurt with fruit will suffice though I won't say no to a plate of waffles, pancakes or French toast.

Which brings me to these pancakes.  Last year in an attempt to clean up our diet I immersed myself into the world of real, whole food and started taste-testing an array of recipes.  My kitchen became my classroom as I explored alternative ways to cook our favoured foods.  Weekends are the only time we get to sit down to breakfast together as a family so pancakes were at the top of the list.  These banana oat pancakes were the first variation we tried and they were, as our ten year old described, 'lip smacking good!'  The use of oat flour was an entirely new concept to me and I was a little worried that the pancakes would be a little on the heavy side so was pleasantly surprised at how light and fluffy they actually were and was even more impressed that everyone loved them.  This recipe is a great base that can easily be adapted to suit your tastes, don’t be afraid to play around with the ingredients.

Recipe found here

What does breakfast look like in your home?

Tammi x


through his eyes

Now that the days are cooler my little guy and I have taken to wandering the neighbourhood a bit more frequently.  With no definite path in mind we stroll down footpaths, over walls and bridges, along tracks, around corners, through bush and across roads.  There are endless stops along the way.  He has an incessant need to pick up whatever crosses our path and never have we returned home empty pocketed.

afternoon walk 023
Ribbet collage
afternoon walk 032
afternoon walk 048
Ribbet collage2

So delighted he is with his world around him that he leaves no stone unturned.  We investigate every nook and cranny.  Seeing the world through his eyes is like seeing it all for the first time.  In his presence I am reminded to stop and really see.  It’s absolute magic!

Have you explored your neighbourhood lately?

Tammi x


girls night in

girls night in 200

Take one Saturday night and an impromptu gathering of friends,
add sweet treats and tea,
throw in a bit of crochet and kinfolk for good measure. 
Combine well with some much needed uninterrupted conversation and laughter, attentive listening, unwinding and relaxing and you have yourself the perfect evening.

I had forgotten the power of such an evening, an evening away from the distractions of home.  Just those few hours away crafting and sharing did wonders to stoke my creative flame.  If anything I am now experiencing a creative flood…metaphorically speaking *wink

Have you spent an evening with girlfriends lately?  You really should.

Tammi x



Point Peron 334
Kaizer/Tegan; You two share such an unbreakable bond…I love the love you two have for each other

Point Peron 278
Dawson; Handsome boy..those dimples!  You totally melt my heart.

I am ridiculously behind on this project, though not from lack of taking photos mind you..oh well….

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